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Boys 5A SIC Team Stats: Conference Games

General Scoring All Field Goals 3-Pointers Free Throws Rebounds & Blocks Ball Handling
T=Team PTS=Points Scored GR=Games Reported* 3GA=3-Point Shots Attempted FTM=Free Throws Made ORB=Offensive Rebounds AST=Assists
GP=Games Played* PPS=Points Scored/Game FGA=Shots Attempted 3GM=3-Point Shots Made FTA=Free Throws Attempted DRB=Defensive Rebounds APG=Assists/Game
W=Wins PTA=Points Allowed FGM=Shots Made 3G%=3-Point Field Goal % FT%=Free Throw % TRB=Total Rebounds STL=Steals  
L=Losses PPA=Points Allowed/Game FG%=Field Goal %     RPG=Rebounds/Game SPG=Steals/Game  
W%=Winning% +/-=Points Differential       BK=Blocked Shots TO=Turnovers  
          BPG=Blocked Shots/Game TPG=Turnovers/Game  
*NOTE: Because Games Played (GP) are known earlier than Games Reported (GR), Games Played are used to calculate the General and Scoring stats; Games Reported are used to calculate all other team stats.
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